Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Driver Education course?
Under Joshua’s Law (Senate Bill 226) the course is required for all 16-year-old drivers to obtain a Class D license. The State of Georgia strongly encourages all new drivers, not just teen drivers, to obtain high-quality driver training, such as is offered at TLDS.

Under Georgia Law, an approved driver education course could entitle you to a 10% insurance premium reduction for 3 years for drivers under age 25.

The parent of a minor taking an approved driver education course is eligible for a $150 tax credit from the State. (please consult with your tax advisor) • Students successfully completing the TLDS driver education program develop the confidence, critical skills, and decision-making ability that are essential to safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Why Choose Towne Lake Driving School?
“We Take Driving Seriously!” is not just our motto, but the approach to all driver education taught at our school. As a long-time professional educator and former college President, I know that there is no greater need among our teens than obtaining the highest quality driver training available. Their lives and safety depend on it. Therefore we offer training that is of the highest quality available, and with the strongest of academic integrity.

The TLDS driver education program has been developed to teach new drivers the fundamental skills and basic knowledge needed to operate a motor vehicle safely. The course utilizes a nationally recognized curriculum that has been licensed and regulated by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

The Standard Program consists of a combination of 30 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel training. The completion of this DDS approved driver education program is an essential and valuable step toward obtaining a Class D. The Class D license cannot be obtained in Georgia until age 17 without taking an approved driver education course.

The TLDS driver education program meets all requirements as a DDS licensed and regulated course for driver education.

Can I take On-Line programs that meet the Joshua’s Law requirements?
The DDS has approved some on-line courses to fulfill the 30 hour portion of the Joshua’s Law requirement. However, when compared with the content and outcomes of our on-ground classroom program, it is significantly less effective. We believe that every student deserves the highest quality training possible, and as a professional educator I recommend the in-class version over the online version.

True driving proficiency cannot be learned on-line, or from inexperienced teachers. Students need the instructor-guided classroom training and the question/answer approach that we use at TLDS to become truly proficient drivers.

While we do not recommend the on-line training programs for the classroom portion of the training, we do offer practical hands-on behind-the-wheel training for all students, including those that have taken classes on-line elsewhere.

More information on On-Line programs can be found here.

When should a drivers education course be taken?
The course should be taken as soon as the teen turns 15 years old and receives his/her learners permit.

The teen needs as much time as possible to use the driving principals taught to them before they receive their license to drive a vehicle alone.

We encourage enrollment sooner, rather than later in the teen driving development. The classroom training provides a solid knowledge base that allows new drivers to practice safe and sound driving methods, without having to reverse “bad habits”.

What will I receive when the course is completed?
Each student is issued a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the 30 hour classroom portion and the 6 hour behind-the-wheel portion of training.

The State Department of Driver Services is electronically notified that the student has fulfilled the Joshua’s Law requirements.

The Certificate of Completion may be used to receive insurance rate reductions in compliance with Georgia statute O.C.G.A. 33-9-42

The Certificate of Completion, along with the payment receipt may be used to qualify for the Georgia Tax reduction.

What other additional information should I know?
Click here for a complete list of additional questions and answers provided by the State of Georgia DDS.